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Children of war

The most vulnerable victims are still those who were children during the war. The death this week of Nanda Prasad Adhikari after nearly a year-long hunger strike demanding justice for the torture and murder of his son in 2004 has thrown into sharp focus the violent legacy of the conflict. Adhikari’s death exposed the apathy […]

Thinking small

Nepal’s chronic electricity shortage is a result of its inability to harness its big rivers, but how about small streams? There are tens of thousands of water mills across the country, and improving their efficiency by replacing crude wooden paddles with turbines is lighting up villages and providing power for micro-enterprises. Karna Thapaliya’s ancestors set […]

Nurse’s book wins Madan Prize

As a young girl in Chitwan, whenever Radha Paudel complained about not having new shoes or pencils, she remembers her father telling her that children in Jumla didn’t even have enough to eat. When she grew up, Radha became an anesthesiologist at Bharatpur Hospital and applied for a more senior position. There were only two openings: a relatively […]

A flood of floods

As a young cub reporter, I was just starting out in journalism in 1981. This was the time before Twitter and smartphones, and when we heard that there had been a flood on the Bhote Kosi two of us packed our bags and hit the Arniko Highway in our trusty VW Beetle. We crested the […]

मोदीको आशा

मोदीले नेपाल बनाउँदैनन्, नेपाल नेपालीहरूले नै बनाउने हो। तर, मोदीको मद्दत लिन सकिन्छ, किनभने उनलाई पनि भारत बनाउनु छ। नेपाल–भारत सम्बन्धको बारेमा नेपालमा दुईथरी विश्लेषण हुने गर्छ। एउटा, भारतले नेपाललाई सिक्किम बनाउन आँट्यो, नेपालीलाई कहिल्यै पनि अघि बढ्न दिंदैन, समृद्ध हुन दिंदैन। अर्को तर्क, भारत जस्तो १.३ अर्ब जनसंख्या भएको मुलुक खुला सीमा पारि छ, […]

Societies in black and white

Veins curl in a gnarled arm like the bark on an old tree trunk. A refugee girl’s bright, alert eyes are windows to a homeland she has never seen. A transgender person posing for a formal portrait looks confidently straight into the lens. A victim of an acid attack, her face horrifyingly disfigured, is a testament to the […]

Dangerous business

It is time the government set aside a more substantial portion of the fees it earns from Himalayan climbing to the welfare of workers who lay their lives on the line. Tragic as it was, the avalanche disaster on Mt Everest last week that took the lives of 16 Nepalis was not wholly unexpected. The danger of […]